Dunhill Partners | Northtown Plaza
A commercial real estate investment firm founded in 1984 by William L. Hutchinson
commercial real estate investment firm, william hutchinson
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Northtown Plaza

Contact Information

Ruben Veloz
Property Manager
Main Phone: (214) 373-7500, ext. 122

Sarah Landry
Leasing Agent
Main Phone: (214) 373-7500
Direct Line: (214) 525-3527

Andy Crosland
Executive Vice President
Main Phone: (214) 373-7500, ext. 120
Direct Line: (214) 525-6285

Property Brochure


112 N University Ave.
Lubbock, TX 79415

West Texas
About This Property

The modest Northtown Plaza is located just off N University Ave in Lubbock, TX. With it’s proximity to Texas Tech University and other schools in the area, the shopping strip sees traffic generated by it’s current tenants including Family Dollar, McDonald’s, and Rent-A-Center.