Dunhill Partners | Canyon Crossings
A commercial real estate investment firm founded in 1984 by William L. Hutchinson
commercial real estate investment firm, william hutchinson
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Canyon Crossings

Contact Information

Darryll Goodman
Property Manager
Main Phone: (214) 373-7500
Direct Line: (702) 526-1029

Andy Crosland
Vice President
Main Phone: (214) 373-7500

Property Brochure


Riverside, CA

About This Property

Right in the heart of Riverside, CA sits the regions’s best mix of retail for today’s busy lifestyle. Canyon Crossings is on your way to work, on your way home from work and close enough to run over for that quick errand and a bite to eat during lunch. Nested right in the Moreno Valley, Canyon Crossings Shopping Center is situated nearby I-215 and Highway 60.